Emma Dooley is a London born artist specializing in monochrome pen and ink drawings and photography.

With an English and American background, her work is inspired by the cities she has grown up in, visited or wishes to go to.

Emma’s drawings capture the skyline in a distinctive and striking manner; going beyond an initial glance her drawing depicts every brick, shadow, reflection and detail that is humanly possible to fit onto the A4 format she works on.

All of her work is free hand, and takes around 40+ hours to complete.


My name is Emma.

Id like to start by personally welcoming you to my website, and thanking you for taking the time and interest in my work!

My website aims to showcase my artwork, and give you a deeper look into my thought process and style. And of course the option to buy if you like what you see!

A little more about me…

Born and raised in northwest London, I’m a city girl through and through!
This is a huge part of where I draw my inspiration. Stepping out onto the streets of London, the sights, sounds and smells, all attacking your senses simultaneously… I couldn’t ask for anything better! Rather then be overwhelmed by this, I absorb every detail in my environment, and attempt to convey what I see on paper.


My favorite artist

Stephen Wiltshire

My favorite artist is Stephen Wiltshire, with his work being a huge inspiration to my own. (And before you ask the answer is no…sadly I do not have a photographic memory like his! … I wish!!)
In addition to Stephen Wiltshire but unrelated to my work I also like M.C. Escher, Salvador Dali, and Henri Cartier-Bresson amongst a long list of others.

I have always been creative, and attempt just about any new project I can get my hands on. I am a fast learner and pick up new skills I observe very quickly.

I did not start drawing in the style you see today till I was about 18, but drawing has always been a key component to my life. When I was a child I focused more on sculpture, animation and watercolors. By contrast to my adult years, my interests shifted to photography, design, printing, graphics and my favorite of course…drawing.

My biggest inspiration I would have to say with out a shadow of a doubt is New York. It would be my absolute dream to live there, but I’ll settle for visiting for the moment!

But enough from me for now! … I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoyed making it!

Please share any feedback or questions you may have about my work. I would love to hear from you!

Average Paint Cycle


"it always seems impossible until it's done"
  • “Love the print of New York I got. Every one stops to look at it every time they come over! I’m looking forward to filling some more of my wall space with Emma’s drawings.”
    Brandon. G
    Brandon. G
  • “Amazing! My whole family loves her work.”
    Roxanne. B
    Roxanne. B
  • “Feel like there’s more detail in Emma’s work then I see in real life. I love her precision and technique, and could spend all day immersed in these cityscapes.”
    Sumaya. C
    Sumaya. C
  • “Crazy amount of detail! She is humble about her art, and lovely to work with…I had a hard time selecting which images I want, as they are all so good I cant pick.”
    Younes. O
    Younes. O
  • "Such detail and attention in creating this drawing.  I look at it every day and it takes me back to  my time in New York."
    Lee. C
    Lee. C

To work with and or commission me? Do not hesitate to contact me!

Right Here!

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